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Dental Hygiene

Prevention and rehabilitation for gum disease

At Serene, our patient-centred approach means we are passionate about your oral health and dental hygiene. Our oral hygiene clinics aim to build long-lasting habits for a healthy future in a warm, comfortable environment.


What is gum disease?

Gum disease is the term used for an array of conditions that affect the gums and tissues that support the teeth. Common gum problems include gingivitis and periodontitis.

How do I prevent gum disease?

A good oral hygiene routine, including cleaning in between the teeth, and attending regular check-ups is vital in keeping gum disease at bay.

During your check-up, your dental team will ask questions about your lifestyle and assess the gums to determine your risk of gum disease. In the early stages, gum problems are reversible and can be treated by a dentist or dental hygienist.

Other factors which increase the risk of gum disease are:

Drinking high sugar / carbonated drinks
Undergoing cancer treatments
Crowded teeth
A weakened immune system
Medication side effects

How can Serene by Dr Safa help?

If treatment is required, your dentist/hygienist will clean your teeth for you. During this visit, they will remove any calculus (hard build-up that with brushing alone cannot be removed) and gently polish away stubborn stains. You’ll then be given an in-depth tutorial to keep gums in a tip-top condition that will be reviewed regularly until your clinical gingival health is restored. Think of your gums as the foundation upon which a great smile sits.