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Dentist For Nervous Patients in London

Our calm and friendly team at Serene understand that dental treatment can cause anxiety for many reasons.

We’ve designed Serene around anxious patients so that we can provide you with the time and tranquility you need as part of your dental experience.


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Nervous About Seeing A Dentist?
Don’t Worry, We Are Here To Help!

We have helped thousands of patients in and around London.

Dental Phobia certified dentists london

Dental Phobia certified dentists at Serene Dental in london

Alongside this we use guided meditation and alpha wave calming music to transport you to a ‘happy place’, so that you are not concerned with what is happening in your appointment and able to enjoy this healing state.

You are awake throughout your treatment and we will continually reassure you and will not communicate ‘over you’ with dental jargon.

Our nurses are so intuitive that we rarely need to speak with each over, allowing you to just relax and listen to the calming, sedate ambient tracks in the background.

Dentist for nervous patients in London

How do you calm nervous patients like me?

Firstly, we recognise that there are many reasons why you might feel anxious about visiting the dentist. The reasons you have acquired dental phobia are unique to you, and therefore, the most important thing we can do is get to know you.

Here are just a few examples of ways we feel make the experience easier for you:

  • Serenity – We believe that your comfort is a priority throughout your journey with us. We have carefully planned every detail to provide a holistic environment, from our luxurious chairs, relaxing scents used in our waiting areas, to the music played during treatments.
  • Time – We go at your pace, not ours. Much of dental anxiety can be whittled down to a feeling of being out of control. We aim to ensure that the quality of care you receive with us is delivered with your input and control over your treatment. You raise your hand at any time during treatment, we stop.
  • Active Listening – Our entire team of dental professionals are highly trained and understand that to deliver the level of care you require. We first need to take the time to listen carefully. We want to build a trusting relationship with you for a healthier future.
  • Communication – We believe in transparency and choice and will spend time discussing treatment options and needs during dental visits.

Do you provide sedation for anxiety?

We provide conscious sedation for our patients through the Enjoyable Dentistry Technique™.

This is a totally unique and revolutionary way of ensuring your gradual relaxation and deep comfort for the duration of the treatment.

We combine ‘happy air’ sedation with nitrous oxide and oxygen, which is completely safe and reversible for most patients (your clinician will discuss any of the minor contraindications with you). 

Enjoyable dentistry technique tm

The Enjoyable Dentistry Technique ™- Dentistry, but not as you know it!

However skilled and experienced a dentist may be there are some treatments that will always be uncomfortable for the patient. Discomfort is unique to each individual; one person’s “mild” is another’s “extreme”.

However, there is a way to undertake all dental procedures with everyone experiencing the same thing – total relaxation! This involves using the Enjoyable Dentistry Technique (EDT). But what is it?

EDT involves the use of ‘happy gas’ (70% oxygen, 30% nitrous oxide). A nose piece sits gently on top of your nose allowing you to breath normally and giving the dentist full access to your mouth. Before treatment starts the clinician will use guided meditation to ensure you reach your ‘happy place’, which is where you stay until treatment is finished.

At all times you can hear and communicate with the dentist. Magically, treatment will be without any discomfort or disorientation. Whilst ideal for nervous patients, this technique is recommended for everyone. Even for the most relaxed of patients, it transforms an experience few would describe as pleasant, into one that all describe as being enjoyable.

Such euphoria comes with a price, right? Wrong. We offer EDT with all treatments, as it’s essential you enjoy your time with us. Some things are best experienced, rather than explained. Do visit us so we can show you how we do dentistry differently.