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Root Canal Treatment

Our highly skilled team of dental professionals use the most up-to-date technology for optimum results.


Why do I need root canal treatment?

The most common reason for root canal treatment is when a tooth’s nerve has died or has an inflamed pulp. Nerve damage can eventually cause an infection around the tooth’s end, causing pain. Removing any infected tissue from the inside of the tooth and cleaning with antibacterial solution and filling means the tooth can be saved rather than extracted (removed).

What is root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment is where your dentist carefully and deftly cleanses and fills the small tooth canals with fine rubber-like points; This is typically done over two visits. The first visit is to treat the infection and remove bacteria; the second visit is to review and check that it is working and filling the tooth.

I’ve heard that root canal treatment is painful. Is this true?

There is no reason for root canal treatment to be painful. You will be given a local anaesthetic as an extra precaution to prevent pain during your dental procedure. As with all of our dental treatments, you will be offered the Enjoyable Dentistry Technique™ to help make the root canal procedure more enjoyable. We pledge to make all dental treatments comfortable. Dr Safa and her team are experienced in delivering pain-free dentistry.

Is there any follow-up treatment needed?

Occasionally further treatments may be needed in the future, such as a crown. Your dentist will discuss any additional treatments with you before commencing the initial treatment so that you are informed at every stage.