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Dental plan


Your Dental Plan

Your Child’s Dental Plan

Dental Membership Plan

  • A patients direct debit will be collected on the 1st of every month
  • One off £8.00 admin fee (adult plans only)
  • All plans include the Worldwide dental A&E access.
  • Patients will receive a welcome email once they have provided
    their email address
  • When the patient is added to the portal, they will show as registration pending and then will change to active when the
    bank file is sent on 20th of each month
  • The patient will be active on the Global Dental A&E Cover after the first success payment has been made

Membership Plan Benefits

To the Patient

  • No assessment necessary anyone can join
  • No need to be dentally fit
  • Regular appointments to monitor oral health
  • Helps spread the cost of routine care
  • Global Dental Scheme
  • Motivation to attend appointments on
  • 10% discount on routine treatment
  • More cost effective than paying on a private
  • pay as you go basis

To the Practice

  • Secure patient base
  • Regular predictable income
  • Improved cash flow
  • Enhances patient loyalty
  • Regular attendance maintains patient
  • Regular attendance leads to less FTA’s or
    gaps in the diary
  • Research has shown that patients who are
    on a plan are 80% more likely to attend
    every 6 months than PAYG patients


Optimal oral health is the main reason for offering a dental plan in the practice and should be a focus when talking to patients.

Patients on a membership will:

  • Attend more regularly
  • Have problems identified earlier
  • As such, be treated more quickly
  • Reduce the risk of invasive treatment later on

Global Dental Scheme

Emergency Treatment Away from Home Benefit

  • Emergency dental treatment when more than 25 miles away from your dental practice
  • Patient can see any dentist
  • Patient will pay for the emergency treatment and ensure they have an itemised receipt of payment
  • Patient then attaches receipt to relevant
    paperwork and sends to our Scheme
    Administration Team

Out of hours Benefit

  • Each plan member has a £200 per year credit toward cost of call out fees and associated emergency treatment
  • 6pm-8am the next day weekdays cover
  • All day weekends and bank holidays (outside normal practice hours)
  • Patient liable for first £15

Dental Accident/Trauma Benefit

  • Cover for permanent treatment to make patient dentally fit
  • Trauma must have been caused by an external trauma
  • £2500 towards costs per Implant, up to £20,000 in one year ( 30 days after plan start date)
  • Payment up to benefit level detailed in the scheme Handbook.
  • Must submit a fully costed treatment plan along with a Request for Assistance Form

Hospital cash benefit

  • £70 per night for a maximum of one year (365 days)
  • paid in response to a request for assistance if You are admitted to hospital for treatment as an inpatient whilst Your Dental Plan is in force, either wholly or partly under the care of a consultant who specialises in dental or maxillofacial

Oral Cancer Benefit

  • £2500 cash payment made into patients bank account
  • Excluded-Mouth Cancer diagnosed before the start of the Dental Plan or within 90 days of the start of the Dental Plan.