Knightsbridge London

Enjoyable Dentistry Technique™

Dentistry, but not as you know it

We understand that dentures can be a daunting prospect. We aim to make this process as easy as possible for you to restore confidence in your smile. Our skilled technicians use only the top materials to create a beautiful smile for you, that only you will know is not your original!


what is EDT?

EDT involves the use of ‘happy gas’ (70% oxygen, 30% nitrous oxide). A nose piece sits gently on top of your nose allowing you to breath normally and giving the dentist full access to your mouth. Before treatment starts the clinician will use guided meditation to ensure you reach your ‘happy place’, which is where you stay until treatment is finished.

At all times you can hear and communicate with the dentist. Magically, treatment will be without any discomfort or disorientation. Whilst ideal for nervous patients, this technique is recommended for everyone. Even for the most relaxed of patients, it transforms an experience few would describe as pleasant, into one that all describe as being enjoyable.

Such euphoria comes with a price, right? Wrong. We offer EDT with all treatments, as it’s essential you enjoy your time with us. Some things are best experienced, rather than explained. Do visit us so we can show you how we do dentistry differently.