Knightsbridge London


At Serene, we know that the ‘London Look’ isn’t for everyone. A bridge is a simple way of uniting a break in your smile line.

A bridge is a way of “replacing” a missing tooth using a healthy tooth next to it for aesthetics and function.


What types of bridges are there?

The most commonly used bridges are “bonded bridges” and “winged bridges”.

Bonded bridges have a faux tooth (generally made from porcelain) attached to a crown on the tooth/teeth beside it. Winged bridges have a false tooth attached to a metal wing which is bonded behind the adjacent teeth. We only work with top technicians, who will create a replacement tooth that perfectly complements what’s naturally missing.

What are the benefits of having a Bridge?

There are benefits to choosing a bridge if you are contemplating a remedy for missing teeth:

  • They can complete your smile where a tooth is missing.
  • They help to fill and maintain face shape.
  • They sometimes improve speech and pronunciation.
  • They help to improve function by spreading the biting forces.

What should I expect when getting a bridge?

Your bridge will be completed over two visits to Serene. The first appointment is to carefully shape existing teeth if required and take intraoral scans of your teeth. The second appointment is to fit your bridge and make certain that you are happy with your improved smile.

As always, you will be greeted and cared for by our attentive dental professionals and you will have been offered our “Enjoyable Dentistry Technique ™ ” for optimum comfort during your time with us. Sit back, drift into perfect relaxation whilst we complete your transformation, and marvel at your new smile on completion.