Knightsbridge London

Dr Lava Kadir


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Dr Lava is a Dentist specialising in holistic Advanced Medical Facial Rejuvenation & skin care. With over 10 years experience & working in the world renowned Harley Street for 7; she has mastered the expertise of amalgamating her appreciation for science, skin and beauty, the love and care for people with her lifelong passion in art and creativity. Using her precise hand skills, fine attention to detail and sound knowledge in evidence-based and medically proven science and techniques she helps her patients not only look but also feel their best.

Lava describes her patients like family. Her high caliber comes from her honest and truthful approach with her patients. This distinction is increasingly important within the beauty and aesthetic industry today. She will never do a treatment that is not needed and is extremely comfortable telling you if you don’t need something. This is something her patients value highly.

Believing in a holistic approach to beauty, Lava works to enhance and look after what you already have. She specialises in treatments in anti-ageing and skin rejuvenation; helping you glow with radiance from within.

A few of the many treatments under her wing include: advanced dermal fillers, botox injections, collagen stimulation, skin and SMAS tightening & lifting with the help of treatments with Medical Grade HIFU, Bio-stimulators for bio-remodelling of the skin and medical grade skin treatments and peels.

Although she has a niche in dermal fillers and is an expert injector she will refuse to use them unless it is absolutely necessary. For example in cases of fixing unfortunate botched jobs done in other places, which is also something in which she has become known for. Other cases are patients which are born with congenital malformations like (micrognathia – underdeveloped chin), deformities due to traumas or disease; or last but not least in cases where there is significant bone loss (bone resorption) or migration and or separation of fat pads which are all natural phases of the ageing process. Dr Lava uses the latest techniques and to help reposition the soft tissue from within so that face looks more balanced and youthful without looking pillow-faced!. This work needs precision and careful planning as ageing and sagging is multifactorial and each factor needs to be considered and address in a holistic and balanced manner.

Dr Lava will always put her patients best interest at the top of her priorities, she will carefully listen to your needs and concerns and make you feel super comfortable. She is here to help you achieve your goals and create a sound and effective treatment plan that will benefit you not just for now, but also in the long run.