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Tried, tested and approved — Invisalign braces for adults

Tried, tested and approved — Invisalign braces for adults

26th Apr 2023

Would you like to see a close-up video of my teeth moving? I suspect not, but it is genuinely mesmerising. My teeth aren’t moving in real time – that would be alarming. Rather, the video is a speeded-up time lapse of the weekly scans taken as part of the process of having my teeth straightened.

I’ve been using the Invisalign system, which has been all the rage for some time now, but comes with some new fancy bells and whistles care of a swanky Knightsbridge dentist, the lovely Dr Safa Al-Naher at Serene Dental. At the outset she explains the process, which involves working your way through a series of clear plastic retainers that gently persuade your teeth to assume a more aesthetically pleasing arrangement. I had braces as a teenager, but over the decades my teeth have made a glacial, yet inexorable, bid to assume their previous wonkiness.

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