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Advanced root treatment and dental care with wellbeing and luxury in mind.

Endodontics is an advanced form of root canal treatment. Endodontic treatments utilise methods of preserving teeth that would otherwise need to be extracted.


Do I need to be referred by my dentist to have an appointment?

You do not need a referral for endodontic treatment. However, most of our patients are referred to an endodontist after an initial consultation with our dedicated team.

Why have I been referred to a specialist in endodontics?

Many patients are referred to see a specialist endodontist either on a second opinion basis or to complete specific treatments that cannot be carried out with straight-forward root canal therapy. Endodontists who have extensive dentistry experience are specialists within the field of endodontics and are therefore suited to take on more complex cases. At Serene by Dr.Safa, we will always offer you the option of seeing an Endodontic Specialist if you require a simple or more complex form of Root Canal Therapy.

Is the endodontic treatment uncomfortable?

All treatments at Serene are done with your comfort at the forefront of our minds. Our friendly team will talk you through the process and treatment options as part of your bespoke treatment plan. All treatment is done under profound local anaesthetic. If you feel anxious about treatment, please do let us know, as you may benefit from The Enjoyable Dentistry technique. The technique will combine a mild sedative with calming visualisations to aid a more pleasant dental experience.